While you transform people’s lives, who’s transforming you… financially?

while You transform people’s lives, who’s transforming you… financially?

Give youRself the financial self-care you deserve!

the miracle question... financially

Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning and your financial worries didn’t exist. What would be the first sign this miracle happened?  What would be different?

If that question sounds a little familiar to you, it should.  The Miracle Question changed therapy by shifting the discussion. No longer was the focus on the problems, it was on the solutions.  When you focus on what’s possible, it’s a much greater experience than focusing on what’s stopping you.

As a mental health professional, you see firsthand how financial stress can impact overall well-being. Time is precious, between managing your caseload, business, and family, often times personal finances are overlooked.  You don’t mean to neglect these important issues; they just don’t take precedence in your daily life.

Creating a solid financial foundation takes time and effort.   There are many moving parts that can make it tough to know where to start.  Think to yourself if you have felt any of these ways.

IS it for me?

You know you need to save for retirement, but there are so many options that you aren’t sure where to start.  Also, how much are you supposed to put away each month?  On top of that, you have the financial demands of your everyday life.  Your mortgage, student debt, business expenses, all of these add up, how do you know where to properly allocate your money each month.  You don’t think you should be living paycheck to paycheck, but you find yourself falling into that trap. 

After all that, you need to worry about taxes!  How do you make sure you keep the most of what you are working so hard for. If you own your own practice that worry is only amplified. If you have a family or are planning to start one someday, how can you be sure that you’re making the best financial decisions for them.  It’s a balancing act to make the right financial decisions for both your current self and your future self.

If any, or all, of these resonate with you then our program is for you. We’ve helped plenty of people who were in your very situation, at all points of their career.

introducing G.R.O.W.

Allow me to introduce our G.R.O.W. program specifically designed for Mental Health Professionals.  This program can empower you to take charge of your financial world while allowing you to focus on better serving your clients and building your business. I know this can boost your financial confidence because we’ve seen it do so with mental health professionals we currently work with.  

By working together, you focus more of your time on the crucial things in life, your family and clients.

So, what is the G.R.O.W. program?

Believe it or not, the G.R.O.W. program is similar to how you help your clients.

G: Goal Development

You don’t just tell your clients what to do when they come in. You actively listen to them and understand who they are, where they come from, what’s causing them to feel distress.  You figure out their Why?

At our first meeting, we figure out your “Why?”  We will ask similar questions, just in a more financial sense. We will actively listen to your aspirations and help you develop thorough goals. If you struggle to identify specific goals, we’ll use our insight to help you realize your ideas, goals, and possibilities. After this step, you will have a clear idea of what you are capable of financially.

R: Roadblocks

After clearly understanding and formulating your goals, we will identify potential roadblocks. Being mindful of these obstacles will help us better understand, plan and build resiliency on your financial journey.

O: Outline for Action

Whether you dream of owning a private practice or expanding it, sending your kids to college, or retiring in comfort, you will need to create an outline that spells out what you need to do. We will help you create these outlines so that it is easy for you to follow. By taking the required action, you will begin to feel confident and empowered. 

W: Walk WITH you

This is the most crucial part of the whole process.  It’s what makes the G.R.O.W. program so unique. Our collaborative approach will help you feel in control throughout your financial journey.  We’ll provide continuous check-ins to ensure you are making the progress necessary to reach your goals. Whether it be a giant life change we need to adjust for or even being a sounding board about your newest financial goal, we are here for you and will walk with you every step of the way. 

TAKE THe first step today

We understand the demands of your profession and the attention to detail required. Your relentless dedication to mental health deserves a financial strategy that matches your passion and commitment.  Let us take care of your Mental Wealth while you focus on Mental Health.

Take the first step today and schedule a time that works for you on my calendar.  After our discussion, you’re in control; you decide the next steps. There is no obligation, but I trust you’ll see the value of having a dedicated partner on your professional and financial journey. 

What would your life look like with your financial worries gone?  The truth is, the answer to that question doesn’t take a miracle, it takes well thought out planning and proper execution. 

Let’s G.R.O.W. together!